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Temple-Mount Mosque 'Temporary'

JERUSALEM, 15 Kislev - After a 3 1/2 hour discussion between a Jewish delegation and representatives of the Moslem government last night, the Moslems gave assurances that the mosque under construction on the Temple Mount is only in the way of a temporary structure.

The delegation had requested the interview after construction on the mosque had begun despite explicit promises by the authorities that, because of the Jews' unhelpfulness in the uncovering of the Foundation Stone, the holiness of the spot on which once stood the Temple would be carefully safeguarded.

The Caliph's representatives, on the other hand, argued that the Jews had been granted many privileges, and that it was "not too much to ask" that the Moslems be given the opportunity to erect a "temporary mosque" on the spot where, according to Moslem tradition, Mohammed tied us his horse - a spot which also happens to be located on the Temple Mount.

Among the "privileges" enumerated by the Moslems are the friendship of the Caliph enjoyed by the Jews; the refusal of the Moslem authorities to be swayed by the arguments of the Christians in the matter of the transfer of the Tiberias Academy to Jerusalem; the appointment of the Jews as guardians of the Temple Mount; and the permission granted the Jews to build a synagogue next to the Foundation Stone - a synagogue which the Jews were allowed to complete without interference.

From Chronicles - News of the Past - Volume II, No. 17



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