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Firstly may I say a big thank you for the latest edition of The Scribe which I'm enjoying reading over the web - it's great - well done to the Team!

I believe it was the last edition where we found arabic proverbs and sayings.

I enclose some anagrams which I enjoy and thought I might share them with you and your Editorial Team.

I especially enjoyed the article on stamps in this edition - if ever you need any information on stamps from around the world please don't hesitate to ask my father Joseph Murad as he collects stamps of the world from when they first appeared to today.

Dormitory - Dirty Room

Desperation - A Rope Ends It

The Morse Code - Here Come Dots

Slot Machines - Cash Lost in 'em

Mother-in-law - Woman Hitler

Snooze Alarms - Alas! No More Z's

Alex Guinness - Genuine Class

The Public Art Galleries - Large Picture Halls, 1 Bet

A Decimal Point - I'm a Dot in Place

Princess Diana - Ascend in Paris


Joy Dangoor


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