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Sun, Sea and Soul

A little bit of heaven on holiday

by Lionel Blue and Jonathan Magonet

Hodder & Stoughton, London - 246 pp

This is no ordinary holiday guide. True, it tells you how to help and not hinder your quest for a happy holiday, how to plan, budget, deal with queues, lost luggage, holiday rows and romances, loneliness in five star hotels, and enjoy the culture, but the insights go much deeper........... into the bigger journey of life itself.

Laced with Jewish humour and personal anecdotes, Rabbis Blue and Magonet talk us through the holiday experience in all its unpredictable glory. They pass on their delightfully upbeat wisdom, gleaned from a complete mix of holiday destinations - the disco floors of Benidorm, the Chapels of Malta, the cultural delights of the Edinburgh fringe and much more. They share their wisdom on how to have a truly happy or at least happier holiday and how every bit of a traveller's body, mind and spirit can benefit from the experience.

Lionel Blue is a popular and much loved Rabbi whose thoughts for the day have become a national institution.



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