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Taken from the Jewish Tribune 21.1.00

Shabbos Parshas Bo will be etched for a long time in the memories of the close to 100 children and staff of the Viznitzer Talmud Torah in London, who spent this memorable Shabbos in Carmel College near Oxford. The idea, fostered by the Menahel and nurtured by a dedicated team of Mechanchim and assistants, came to successful fruition after many weeks of preparation both by the children and the organisers.

Participation by the children was only possible by collecting tokens over a period of 10-12 weeks. These were awarded for a variety of accomplishments (according to age and ability), such as successfully being tested by heart on Perokim of Mishnayos, achieving a certain level of marks in the weekly tests of their Limudim learning whole Sedorim without interruption, behaviour in class, during Davening and meal times and Derech Eretz.

At 4:00 pm on Friday all boys were assembled in the spacious Beis Hamedrash to say Shir Hashirim and have a learning session to welcome Shabbos Hamalko. After Mincha they were treated to an inspiring Drosho by Rav Shmuel Stern. Mashgiach of the Viznitzer Yeshiva Ketana.

A thoroughly uplifting Seudas Shabbos was experienced by all, interlaced with Zemiros and Divrei Torah. Reb Chaim Moshe Feldman demonstrated his enthusiasm and appreciation to both the children and Mechanchim by honouring the event with his presence and delivering Divrei Torah during the Seuda.

During the Seuda, Divrei Chizuk were heard from Rabbi Dovid Chaim Katx, Maggid Shiur in Viznitz Yeshiva Ketana and, similarly during Sholosh Seudos, from Reb Yisroel Zieg. Rebbe of the top class. Following Sholosh Seudos, the highlight and keynote speech was given by Rabbi Shimon Hirschler.

Motzoei Shabbos was honoured by a Melava Malka and Siyum for the Mishnayos (in excess of 1000 Perokim) learnt by the boys.

After a full day's programme on Sunday, the boys returned in the early evening, tired but happy and spiritually fulfilled, attesting without exception that this was a most enjoyable Shabbos in all respects.

Reb Herzi Stern and Mrs Stern worked selflessly and tirelessly to achieve the resounding success of the event.



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