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The Soffair Family

I have read and seen pictures of the Soffair family in your issue No: 69. I also come from the Soffer (this is how we spelled it in Egypt) family and am interested in getting a contact with the family if they are willing to do so for the sake of information about our roots.

My father is Joseph Soffer, 93, living in New York with my two brothers and sister. My grandfather was Reuben Soffer from Baghdad who came to Egypt as a merchant he married my grandmother, who came from Turkey, and settled in Cairo, where my father and us were born. I have a brother Reuben Soffer who has a grandson Reuben J. Soffer. My elder brother is Clement Soffer and my sister is called Marcelle.

I am named Allegra after my grandmother, Simha Soffer. I was married to a second cousin called Cesar Mizrahi who worked and lived for a number of years in Suez (Egypt). He was very friendly with the Dangoor family that resided there and had a business of goldsmith or jewellers I don't quite recollect. My husband passed away some 9 years ago due to a cancer disease. I have two married children with grandchildren. My son Solly Mizrahi is a Professor in transplant surgery and chairman of the surgery department in the Soroka hospital in Beer-Sheba hospital and professor at the medical centre of the university there.

My daughter Leny graduated as Engineer in Landscape worked as a biology teacher for some time but is now a travel agent (freelance). As for myself, I am a retired high-school teacher for English.

This is all the information about myself and family record. I have once met a professor Mr Sopher (this is how he spells his name), at the university of Haifa who denied being Iraqi, he comes from India and has no connection whatsoever with Iraqi Soffers.

As far as I remember asking Iraqi immigrants about the Soffers, they always said that they were all one family. It was possible that some may have crossed to India and others to Iran, but they are all of the same origin.

I would appreciate if the Dangoor family of Suez reached England too, write to me if they wish to do so.

Allegra Mizrahi

19 Bayliss Street

Mt. Carmel Apt. 7

Haifa 34814, Israel



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