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Reflections on Man and Universe

by Meer Basri

I saw a light in the night,
A ray of love from afar.
It was so charming and bright,
A message from a distant star.


I am on Earth a tiny sand,
In the vast realm of Creation.
But my mind does understand,

the Universe and its ovation.


In the sway of constellations,
In the black holes, is there Time?
A myriad suns, no aberrations,

A bright poem with single rhyme.


In our hearts the Creator,
Reveals a feeling of elation.
I am a lonely spectator,

Of this noble adoration.


In a long process on this Earth,
Man appeared with soul and mind.
He progressed and knew his own worth,

Shedding his wild past behind.


Is man transient or immortal?
We muse on the hereafter.
Is this life somewhat a portal,

To eternity or disaster?


We are like children in a room,
With a thin window on the sky.
We watch light and bare gloom,

And a meteor passing by.


But mind has its limitation,
We cannot fathom hidden Nature.
We must accept our vocations,

We are only a tardy creature.


I cherish life and its splendour,
Death is not an end to its flavour.
To despair I do not surrender,

And with hope I find favour.


And the, Oh! What of the future,
What of moral thoughts and conceptions?
Will our dove abash the vulture?

Will the mind conquer emotions?


Man is great and Man is small,
He is strong and he is weak.
Whether he will rise or fall,

We must be proud and be meek.


We live and learn, and after death,
Leave a legacy of experience.
We must work to our last breath,
In deference or obedience.


Scribe: While several writers wrote books in a language foreign to themselves it has been claimed that no-one has written poetry other than his mother tongue. The above product by Meer debunks this theory.



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