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BOOK REVIEW: by Linda Dangoor-Khalastchi

Natural Alternative to HRT

by Marilyn Glenville

Published by Kyle Cathie Ltd. 219pp. £10.99

This book is a must! Every woman should read it, (and, I dare say, men too would benefit greatly from it!)

Most women, living in modern society, will be faced with a choice to make at around 50-55 years of age: that is whether to have or not to have Hormone Replacement Therapy, otherwise known as HRT.

To make a decision as important as that, requires some knowledge about the menopause, about how the body functions before it and how it changes after it, as well as a clear definition of HRT and the risks involved in making that decision.

Natural alternatives to HRT is a comprehensive examination of the menopause and the myths which surround it, often perpetuated by drug companies and those Doctors who treat it a an illness. It is about choices that most women do not know they have. Choices to prevent and treat menopausal Symptoms naturally without resorting to HRT.

For the woman in her 20's, 30's or 40's this book explains and prepares her for the changes she might expect in the future. For the woman who is going through or has gone through the change of life, it gives her detailed information and an optimistic alternative which would allow her to ask the right questions and to make the appropriate decisions. But, this book is not just about having HRT or not having HRT, and it would be doing its author, Marilyn Glenville, a great injustice to define it in that way. It is also about the importance of nutrition and diet, (did you know that eating animal protein, after a certain age, depletes our bone reserves making us vulnerable to and possible candidates for osteoporosis?) About the ageing process (did you know that both men and women alike experience some loss of bone mass as they age and this begins in their 30's?) About the repercussions of one’s life style on the body and its close links with degenerative diseases, as well as about insomnia, low-libido, migraines and depression.

Not very optimistic you might think. But I assure you it is Marilyn Glenville who is one of Britain's leading nutritional therapists truly believes that many of the problems experienced by women at the menopause have more to do with poor diet and an inappropriate life-style than with falling hormones. Since our life styles have changed dramatically from that of our parents and grandparents, we need to make a conscious effort to program the right kind of exercise in our lives today. And, it would be hard to exaggerate, according to her, the benefits of regular exercise and regular sexual activity. It is a case of "If you don't use it you lose it."



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