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Here, in his inimitable style, Moshe Kahtan deals with a question that every Israeli fears, but dares not ask!

Never, in the annals of history, has there been a case where a state defeated her enemies in several wars of aggression to eradicate her and then go to them, knees bent, and sue for peace, acting as a defeated nation with the understanding that they can impose their own conditions and demands. Israel did it and the whole world applauds. Why???

It has been said that where madness rules the absurd is in the neighbourhood. After 2000 years of exile, persecution and wanton murder of the Jews by Christians and Moslems in the name of God or any other excuse in all the lands of the globe, Israel re-established herself as an independent State just over half a century ago in the same historic land where the Kings of Israel ruled over 3000 earlier.

A new breed of leadership telling the people that Israel must practice "political correctness." In brief, there is hypocrisy on a massive scale: By the world at large who is supportive of a diminishing Jewish State - and what is new about that - and an apathetic Jewish community in the Diaspora and Israel, led by successive governments in the last decade, who seem hell bent to accommodate the whims of the PLO and Syria, claiming that Israel has to pay the price for peace never explaining why or how this bizarre conclusion was reached.

Ever since Shimon Peres resurrected him from the dead, Arafat has been assuming more and more power. He gives the word and the Jews are not only singing but also dancing to his tune.

How convenient it was to introduce terms to win support from a certain section of the population. Victims of terror became 'price for peace.' Some Israeli citizens were labelled as 'settlers' in order to sever them from the rest and attach a bit of stigma to them to make them an easier target. How do you 'dismantle' a town and why not dismantle an Arab 'settlement?' By giving credence to all such nonsense Israel is demonstrating to her enemies and the world at large not a military weakness, but one of a nation and its fibre. This has not been unnoticed by the Arabs who are responding with contempt clothed in a 'peace cloth' as long as they are progressing towards their ultimate objectives.

Israel did not invade to occupy Judea, Samaria and Gaza in 1967. The Arabs themselves gave up these territories in yet another unsuccessful attempt to crush Israel who should neither apologise for this failure nor be blamed for regaining in a defensive war these same terrritories which were invaded by Trans-Jordon and Egypt in 1948 and remained occupied, yes occupied by them until the 6-day War. But the world at large has a priority. With the double-faced leaderships in both East and West preaching to Israel the virtues of 'compromise' and their favourite dumb slogan "Land for Peace" familiar, whilst at the same time they bombarded Yugoslavia back into the Stone Age emphasising their principle of no compromise and no flexibility in their imposed conditions of surrender. Whatever happened to the 'Gesture of goodwill and the confidence building measures.'

Let us not kid ourselves: the day of reckoning will come and all the empty 'visions' will explode in the faces of the "Oslo architects" for all to see the calamity brought by them upon the Land of Israel.

It is not possible to go into all the details in this limited space. But, some of the absurdities taking place can be summarised as follows:

1. The President of the State claims that Israel must withdraw totally from the Golan as a price for peace. In a normal world, the aggressor is made to pay.

2. Israel, the Jewish state, asks the PLO to recognise its right to EXIST. How low can one sink to make such a request.

3. Jews in Israel are given jail sentences for being suspected of thinking to insult Islam whilst Arab murderers of Jews have safe havens to go to and if caught, a good chance to be freed as a goodwill gesture.

4. There is something bizarre about having Arab neighbours who consider themselves as Palestinian residents of Israel and call for relinquishing the state in favour of a Palestinian one, are able to abuse the democracy in which they live in order to achieve their aims. Israel designated them as Israeli Arabs!

5. An ex-law breaker is appointed Minister of Justice.

6. A previous finance minister who played havoc with the economy is re-appointed to the same job only this time he claims a willingness to follow "responsible policies."

7. Israel accused by the Arabs of attempting World domination and the Arabs trying to kick her out of 10,000 square miles of Territory while they sit on over 5 million square miles of land.

8. Arabs accusing Israel of racism and ethnic cleansing having themselves ethnically cleansing their countries from Jewish presence and advocated for liquidating the rest.

9. Israel's promise to Jordan supplies of water over the availability of which she has no control demonstrates a high degree of incompetence.

10. "Oslo" was hailed as a 'Peace Accord' but after more than six years of talks no-one seems to know what they have agreed upon.

11. Whoever expects peace out of establishing Palestinian areas of control in the heartland of the country, does not demonstrate a knowledge of reality only one of illusions. Oil and water do not mix.

12. The Hebron "accord" followed by Wye can and will only lead to an eventual explosive conflict.

13. Israel claims sovereignty over Jerusalem and yet Jews are forbidden to pray on their holy sites, control of which has been handed to a Mufti. Good old days!

14. The controversial mosque may be considered the 3rd holiest site by the Arabs of late, but what is it doing on top of the Jews' holiest and most sacred one?

15. The failure of successive governments to deal with Lebanon in an appropriate manner. No country would have tolerated over such a period of time to be a constant target for terrorist activities from a neighbour officially supported by other countries without retaliating to put a final end to it. Instead, agreements were made that permitted them to hit the IDF at will and ended up, through the continuous cat and mouse games, with Hizballah being trained, in effect, by the IDF.

Netanyahu, had a rare opportunity to put things right if only he stuck to the principles he put in his book "A Place Among Nations." He did not and the rot continues.

Ehud Barak, a most distinguished among men, has yet to show his prime-ministerial talents. For the sake of the country he has to put an end to the farce initiated by Shimon Peres. It will not be easy now but then the fate of Israel and the Jews has never been an easy one. If he does that, then we will all wish him luck and give him our support. His job is to protect Israel's interests and not the PLO's or anyone else's for that matter. Stop the senseless divisions amongst the people, tell them that they are all one family and they are the ones that matter. Declare that all those who do not have loyalty to Israel the Jewish State as it is, should themselves move out of the country and not move the country out for them, this to include Jews and Arabs alike. Speak the truth unto the nation and confirm that there is no future in the illusion dreamt by those who brought a disaster of great magnitude taken upon all of us and that has yet to unfold. When this is done, Israel will regain respect once again, not only from the Arabs but the whole world. Then and only then she will have a real chance to make a lasting peace. For that let us all pray, otherwise we will all, whoever we are and whatever we are, be the toys of every Tom, Dick, Harry and Bill. We have but one Country, we have but one Israel. SHALOM.



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