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N. A. T. O.

North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation

by Naim Dangoor

After the Second World War, the Soviet Union began to withdraw within its shell, to lick its wounds and plan for the future in the dawning atomic age and in a world now divided into two main camps - the Democratic and the Communist.

In the words of Winston Churchill, an iron curtain fell across Europe. Suspicion breeds fear, and the West was afraid of Russia's vastly superior conventional capability before nuclear stock-piling by America could restore the balance.

Thus, the United States organised a long cordon sanitaire to contain the Soviet Union in the shape of NATO, for Western Europe, TITO for Yugoslavia, CENTO for the Baghdad Treaty countries of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, and SEATO for South-East Asia. These measures served their purpose well, despite the ensuing nuclear arms race, and kept the world in general peace for many decades.

The coup de grace came when President Reagan decided to embark on the Star War programme which was beyond the Soviet Unions economic capabilities. The United States thus emerged as the only superpower in the world.

While over the years Tito, Cento and Seato fell by the wayside, Nato celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last April with satisfaction at the success it achieved as a defensive organisation. But, with no power in sight to challenge America's supremacy, Nato's defensive role has come to an end. It was transformed instead into an aggressive body.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thus, with German Neanderthals at the helm, Nato became a terrorist organisation acting without UN sanctions targeting hospitals and civilian bridges crowded with people in broad daylight, using ultra-modern weapons from the air, with no risk to its soldiers.

But, who won this unequal war, the 2-day blitz-Krieg that lasted 70 days? There can be no doubt that, despite the damage, it was Serbia's will that prevailed in the end.

At Rambouillet, Milosovitz accepted the terms, but rejected the referendum that was certain to give Kosovo independence after 3 years. He vowed to fight to the end whatever the cost, and that is precisely what he did. The cease-fire terms no longer refer to Kosovo's independence and keeps that province as part of Serbia.

I have no axe to grind for Milosovitz. All I know is that this is the third German-inspired war that the brave Serbs had to fight this century. In WWII they helped the Allies by holding down large Nazi forces at a cost of 250,000 Serbs dead. Nato has said no help to Serbia while Milosovitz remains in power. He will no doubt join the queue of Castro, Gadaffi and Saddam.

Now EU- the European Union has turned its attention to the Middle East, giving the Jewish State one year to make peace with the Arabs. Let us see if the great nation of America will follow this demand.

German soldiers should bow their heads in shame before attempting to unearth evidence of ethnic atrocities committed by the Serbs. For their own German fathers had managed to carry out their criminal ethnic cleansing without leaving a trace.

Yugoslav Jews resented what they saw as one-sided support by foreign Jewish organisations abroad for the NATO campaign.



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