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Peace is not enough

by Naim Dangoor

Man of the Hour, Prime Minister Ehud Barak


Prime Minister Ehud Barak has promised to bring about the peace of the brave. But peace is not enough! It must not be the end of the road, but only its beginning.

The Arabs must come to realise that the State of Israel planted in their midst is more for their benefit than for the benefit of the Jews. The Arabs are lucky but stupid; the Jews are clever but unlucky. Look at the balance sheet. It is said that the State of Israel was the direct result of the Holocaust. But is the establishment of a precarious Jewish State in the midst of hostile neighbours worth the lives of 7 million Jews? The answer must be No. On the contrary, the Holocaust is to a great extent the product of Zionism. It was to prevent Jews in great numbers from reaching the middle-east.

A faction of the British Foreign Office recruited - Mufti Amin Husseini, who spent the war years in Berlin, to organise the Final Solution. The plan was to prevent Jews at any cost leaving Europe and end up in the Middle East.

Since the creation of Israel a hundred other states came into being and were admitted unanimously and quietly into the United Nations, while Israel is still struggling for sheer existence, plagued by terrorism and hostile propaganda.

On the other hand, in the same period of 100 years the condition of the Arabs has improved dramatically and at little or no cost. At the end of WW2, 22 independent states emerged, with sudden undreamed of oil riches, covering an area of 6 million square miles, with populations doubling every generation. Surely, Israel comes as the icing on that cake.

Yes, Israel is there for the benefit of the Arabs with its technology, military power, and world connections.

The following anecdote illustrates how Iraqi Jews used to regard the luck of the Moslem:

Three people went to Heaven, a Jew, a Christian and a Moslem. At the gate, the Jew was asked his name, when he said "Heskel" he was told to wait at the door. The Christian said his name was Jaju and he too was told to wait. But when the Moslem came and gave his name as Abu Jasem, he was told please come in, you are welcome. Whereupon, the Jew took up a bundle of clothes and followed the Moslem. When they stopped him at the door, he said, "I am carrying Abu Jasem's luggage" and was let in.

The Arab is our brother, we have no other.

Together Jew and Arab can make of the Middle-East an important region, rivalling racist and murderous Europe. Together we can show mankind how to run the world. Together, we can bring nearer the Messianic Age. Let us show them we can do it.



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